How to Change Antivirus Software in Your PC

How to Change Antivirus Software in Your PC

When you buy a new laptop or desktop PC today it usually comes with antivirus software pre-installed. This is generally a good thing since your computer is protected from immidiate security threats from day one. On the other hand it is nearly always a trial version that you will have to pay for to continue using. Furthermore, it might not be the best or most affordable antivirus solution on the planet. However, it’s easy to remove and replace with something better or more to your liking.

malwareThe fact that many are hesitant to uninstall their new computer’s included security software is something that antivirus makers are well aware of and use to their advantage.

New PCs generally come with an antivirus subscription that expires in three to six months. After that you have to buy a subscription to get further protection or remove the program and install another.

Uncertainty in this case means that many users choose the easiest way out and start paying for updates when the trial period is over.

A Few Simple Steps

Changing your existing anti-virus software is easy – just follow these simple steps:

1. Choose your new antivirus software. There are free alternatives with just the bare minimum as well as extensive security suites that include firewalls and additional protection. There is a lot to choose from and selecting the best software may be difficult as there are many factors that come into play here. Browse the different alternatives and see what they offer and compare it to how you personally use your computer. To put it very simply, most of the established antivirus software is effective at preventing viruses, but they differ in performance and features.

2. For safety reasons, download the new software before uninstalling the old one. Whether you prefer to use a limited, free version or an advanced software package, you can nearly always purchase and download it straight away.

3. Uninstalling the old antivirus software is not difficult at all. In most cases, you can just access the Control Panel panel in Windows and choose to uninstall. You will need to restart the computer after the uninstall is complete.

4. Installation new antivirus software is no more difficult than installing any other application. After the installation you will generally be given the option to update the program and perform a complete scan of your system, which is a good idea.

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